Zmodo HD IP camera (model ZP-IBH13-W)

Had high hopes this very inexpensive 720P outdoor camera with nightvision/IR-cut could be manually setup with Vera as a generic IP camera, but it does not appear to be possible. I just confirmed with their tech support that no provision for obtaining a still jpeg image via a URL exists. Really a shame as the image quality and construction of this camera is excellent, especially for under $100.

Before I bought this camera I had found on the forum that another user had success adding a Zmodo IP cam, but an older model. The folks at ispyconnect also list many Zmodo camera models with support for jpeg capture, so it sure seemed reasonable that this new model would be no different.

If Vera could support capture from a H.264 stream or support the ONVIF standard this Zmodo model would be a great choice. As it is now, I will need to return it.

yep, had the same problem. it’s surprising that they decided to give up on JPEG support in newer models. had to switch to Xeoma instead (works with H.264 as well as (M)JPEG). it wouldn’t find the camera at first but then I figured it out, works OK now

i have this same camera and did manage to get it to work with vera.
email me for more info

I’ve been wrestling with this for some time. Would you care to share your approach more widely here?



I am also interested to know the solution.

Me also :slight_smile:

But I don’t think it can work, due to RTSP which isn’t supported. The ZMODO only has 2 url’s for this;

rtsp://admin:111111@IPADDRESS:10554/tcp/av0_0 (720p)
rtsp://admin:111111@IPADDRESS:10554/tcp/av0_1 (QVGA)

Contacted GMC; He sells Blue Iris so you can use that with vera. So set up a PC, install software and use the plugin on the Vera.

So this is not a solution.

I did see that they are working on RTSP support in UI7 or in the version after that…

Features to be added next: (coming soon)

RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol) support for cameras;

UI7 is released and RTSP support listed in Release notes. But no other docs or configuration notes… Did anyone tried with UI7 RTSP support?