ZME KFOB2 with Vera Edge issues?

I have an issue with already discussed KFOB… ZME KFOB2 working in Zwave Plus standard.
I was trying to add this as scene controller.

At the beginning the procedure looks standard - but I never managed this to work as expected.

Second try was to follow the manual - step by step - from website

Step by step procedure looks logical and fine. But the effect is that KFOB is getting error: Failed at: Please wait! Getting secure classes

From my understanding the problem is with the communication - as the KFOB is not able to exchange security keys… or communicate to the end.
At the end it is not configured…

Any idea how to fix this - what should be changed?

As extra info - when the KFOB was added it was necessary to select Other Zwave Device from the menu - adding using ZME KFOB dialogue was not working.
I think this is just small issue in the connection wizard… probably it was prepared for version 1 of the KFOB.

Any idea what can I do to fix this…?

Thanks in advance


morcom, if you haven’t already, you should fill out a support ticket at Technical Support is there to help.

I have same problem,seem to be too new product so need wait to be fixed

I have the same problem.
Got the following answer from getvera support:
It seems to be an compatibility issues with the Gen5 z-wave keyfobs.
This issue has been reported and it?s full compatibility should be added in one of the next UI7 releases.