zir000 reset notification interval

I was finally able to pair the zir000 and setup the notifications when the motion sensor is tripped. Is there a way so I can have it continuously send notifications every say…5 seconds until the motion stops?

i dont beleive that’s generally how the motion sensors work.

generally they let vera know when motion starts and then again when it has ceased to occur for X minutes (x being set in the devices parameters- i think on that device it’s between 2 and 255 minutes)

sending info every 5 seconds probably wouldn’t be so healthy to expect the battery to last.

what are you trying to trigger- maybe we can suggest a way to do things based on the above, to help you out?

Ah…I see. Then the problem I am having is that I have the ZIR000 setup to send email notification whenever the sensor is tripped.

However, after it is tripped the first time, it fails to send the email on subsequent times the sensor is tripped (indicated by the red LED).

Does the notification automatically turn off after it is set off the first time?

I have a different type sensor so I can’t speak to the led behavior but generally when the sensor first detects motion it sends the “tripped” message to Vera which is when you get notification, then, even though the sensor knows every time motion occurs, it will not send another “tripped” message until the set waiting period mentioned above is met (no motion for X minutes) at which time it will send an “untripped” message to Vera then it will be ready to send a new notification if “tripped” again

I’m sure its some setting that I’m missing. Everytime I setup the sensor, I receive the notification email the first time it is tripped. But after the timeout period (say 2 min)…the sensor gets tripped again but I don’t see the email. I know the sensor is tripped b/c the red led goes off.

Anyone know what setting im missing on the zir000?

I’ve actually found out the sensor gets tripped…but email notifications aren’t being sent. Is this a setting error?