Zipato2 RGBW2 any updates?

Any updates on getting this to work right in Vera? It just appears as a dimmable bulb. I also have the Aeon RGB Bulb, that some scenes work AND Vera recognizes it as a RGB bulb, but no luck w/ Zipato. I have Vera Plus.

Also I got it connected w/ the RGB Controller, but no scenes work.

The scenes don’t work with the plugin because they’ve changed the command numbers from version 1, they do still exist in V2 even though they aren’t listed in the manual

If sombody could give me a steer on where in the plugin these codes are I can probably put the new command numbers in and make it work?

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Probably there is better solution, but this:

works for me (I have done that just yesterday, so it is not fully tested?)

sorry for polish language, but my solution is quite simple