Zipato vs-zp3102+ Duo Multi-Sensor - Won't fully configure

Hi all,

I’m quite new to this, so hopefully I’m not being stupid. I know there are going to be issues when including battery powered devices, so here goes.

I’m trying to include this zipato motion (and temperature) sensor ( to my Vera Edge running UI7. It looks to me identical to the Monoprice/Vision ZP3102 (model number’s a giveway). It’s showing two devices, the motion and the temperature (as expected). The temperature updates, the battery level updates, and (at the start) it detects motion. But, it still gets stuck trying to fully configure :frowning:

I’ve followed this process (,13041.msg146816.html) but the device just won’t configure. It seems to be stuck after a few hours, whereby when it wakes up, it tries to purge the associations, then do something else (sorry I forget what the wording is). It then fails. It feels like the sensor doesn’t stay awake for long enough to complete the configuration each time.

Has anybody got any advice? I’ve tried excluding/including it again (numerous times). With the cover off (stays awake apparently), and with the cover on. No luck. I’ve left it overnight in it’s final position, as well as overnight right next to the Vera.

It seems that the way it works is:

  • Included
  • Waits for it to wake up to configure
  • At this point the motion sensor is working (I can see it detecting motion in the UI).
  • Sending the Z-Wave command after 5 retries…
  • Cannot contact device, error code: 32…
  • Setting special configuration
  • No motion is detected

And then it just loops back to the point of sending the zwave command.

Ok, I managed to get it configure somehow…keeping it awake using the sync button on the back every few seconds and keeping the door closed.

However…now it doesn’t trip :frowning: the LED flashes with motion, and vera recognises when the sensor wakes up…but nothing more :frowning: