i have a question when i include or exclude any z wave devices the let on the display blinks, should the same be true foe Zigbee and Bluetooth? i am trying to include a zigbee devise and i do not think my unit in going in to inclusion. anyone with some thoughts

The LEDs for Zigbee and Bluetooth will blink when the unit is in ZigbeeOpenJoin or Bluetooth pairing mode.

If you are having troubles pairing your devices, please open up a trouble ticket by sending us an email to support@getvera.com

I have the same problem. When I tried to include a generic Zigbee device, in this case a Visonic MCT-340 Window door sensor, either nothing would happen (no lights blinking) or the Zwave light would blink! The only way that I get the ZigBee light to blink is when I include the device as a NYCE window/door sensor. In that case the Zigbee light blinked, it recognized the device and it figure out it was not a NYCE device and added it as a generic one. However, when I try to add a second device using the same method, all the lights in the Veraplus when out except for the power. The only way to recover was to unplug the controller. After multiple attempts I can see that when trying to configure the device, or deleting one that is waiting to be configure, the controller can disconnect and all the lights go out, again except the power, and it will not recover from that.