ZigBee Protocol Question

Hey Guys

Had a vera for quite a few years now and only been using Z Wave on the unit. i purchased a couple of ZigBee light switches as they are alot cheaper than the z wave switches and wanted to test them out. i did not know about the protocol that Vera is 1.2 and these switches where 3.0

So my question is - does anyone know if Vera would be updated to this protocol, or is it hardware based and cant be updated, or is there a bridge that could be used in conjunction with the vera to use that protocol


The zigbee HA stack version is embedded in the zigbee firmware. It is a combination of both the firmware on the zigbee chip and the corresponding serial interface being able to talk to it. The vera plus actually uses the EmberZNet stack on an EM357 chip on stack version 5.6 which supports version zigbee HA2 profile but is not implemented completely. A number of the endpoints of the stack are not supported.
Zigbee3 is mostly a security implementation change and could potentially be done through software only though it may not be necessary.

From Silabs documentation:

Zigbee 3.0 has been designed to allow for interoperability between Zigbee 3.0 devices and legacy HA and ZLL devices. With proper configuration, ZLL and HA devices can join Zigbee 3.0 networks and, similarly, Zigbee 3.0 devices have the functionality to join legacy networks operating with either ZLL or HA networking.