Zigbee devices

Anyone try regular Zigbee devices with Ezlo Plus? If yes, any issues before I purchase some.

I have the Ezlo Secure and currently all of my Zigbee devices keep losing communication. Also whenever I do a battery change on my window sensors they get deleted from the system and have to be added again. I have been told that the next firmware update will fix everything though.

Thanks for response, I hope it does.

Hi @rlargent, we are checking this issue now.
Can we make a session to get logs from your hub?
Sent you a message in PM.

You may take a look but please see request (258378) before spending any time on this. I was told that the Zigbee problem is a known issue. The fix is supposed to be included in the firmware release currently in beta. Is there any time frame for the expected release of the next firmware update for Ezlo Secure?

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