Zigbee device battery issues

I have a couple of centralite temp/humidity sensors and a centralite flood sensor. The batteries died in all of them but still showed at least 54% battery life the flood sensor showed 80+%. I also have NYCE door/widow sensors that also exhibit similar behavior, Vera shows 80% but the battery is dead. I am replacing batteries in the NYCE sensors at least twice a year and the devices are not activated that often.
Is this normal for the Vera plus zigbee network? Is there a configuration that can be changed for the zigbee network to help? I notice in the logs that the battery life seems to be polled quite often.

I know you are talking about a Vera Plus, however on my Ezlo Plus I was having similar issues with Zigbee Centralite devices. They would just eat through batteries. I gave up on those sensors in the end. For Z-Wave devices you can usually set a device parameter setting to extend the wake up interval of the device to extend its battery life. Not sure about something similar for Zigbee devices ?

Also those Centralite Zigbee devices would often just go into an offline state for no obvious reason.

I was talking about the Vera Plus. The Ezlo controller I purchased is pretty much useless to me in its current state of development.
Chewing through batteries doesn’t explain the controllers inability to report an accurate battery level. Especially when you look at the logs and see how often it looks at battery level(probably why the batteries are being drained)
I also experience this issue with NYCE sensors which are like $50US per sensor. I contacted NYCE about the problem and they said that it was the controllers fault and that they have since removed compatibility with the Vera controller because of these issues. NYCE also states up to 5 years of battery life.
It’s also very disappointing to hear the same problems persist in the Ezlo controller.