ZeroBrane Studio for Vera: v0.50 is released

Hi All,

I’m pleased to announce the new release of ZeroBrane Studio for Vera, a Lua IDE that supports debugging on Vera devices. This version (0.50) includes fixes and improvements that have been suggested and discussed in this thread:

  • Added handling of secured devices (with HTTP basic authentication turned on).
  • Added handling of unit reset that may remove the debugger.
  • Added check for detected local address and ability to set it manually if mis-detected.
  • Added xml tags for D_.xml and S_.xml files.
  • Added documentation links to the Help menu.

Those of you who already purchased the product, can access the new version using the same download URL you received after the purchase (you have free upgrades for one year after the purchase). Those who have been thinking about purchasing, may check the reviews and save a bit by buying now, as the introductory pricing period will be over at the end of March. Those who use the subscription model will continue paying the price they subscribed for.

Thanks to everyone who provided their feedback, suggestions, and encouragement!


What does - Added handling of secured devices. mean ?

Hi Richard,

What does - Added handling of secured devices. mean ?

Those devices that have HTTP basic authentication turned on. The current version supports debugging of scripts on those devices without configuration changes.

I’ll update the post to reflect that.

Thanks for the clarification … device is an overloaded term … and I did not see it described on your website …

device is an overloaded term … and I did not see it described on your website …

Good point! I’ll clarify this on the website as well…

Thanks for the update, Paul. It’s good to have the Vera-specific documentation available through the Help menu.

Just one note of caution to others about to upgrade: Backup your preferences first! The download page warns Mac users that they will lose their preferences but my Windows ones also got wiped-out. It was the system-wide ones that vanished, so I’ve switched to using user-level preferences.


Thank you for the note! I agree, this is unexpected. In fact, I tested the upgrade process on Windows (using .exe file) and it should not overwrite cfg/user.lua file as it doesn’t exist in the archive. The only reason it’s removed on OSX is because the OSX removes the entire .app folder before copying the new one.

Did you use the .zip archive or .exe installer? In either case, when files from the install package are extracted, cfg/user.lua should be preserved. Please let me know if you find any more information on this as I should either fix it or update the documentation if that’s indeed the case. Thank you. Paul.