Z-Wave Water Consumption Meter (2014 Update)

Hi folks, I was wondering if anyone head something new on how to measure water use for a residential use (and old San Diego meter (no electronics)). Also, I doubt it exists, but this would be an awesome combination with a Z-Wave water valve.

This is what I’ve currently formulated is needed:

Water Main Meter > House Feed @ Garage > Pulse Meter (TBD) > Z-Wave Valve - > To House

Also, I have a sprinkler that gets fed before the House Feed. Should I put another meter on that? Or, would I try to get another pulse meter at the Water Main Meter and just use the delta of water not going in the House Feed?

Note - An $800 water bill (bi monthly) sparked this in drought ridden San Diego. I believer I narrowed it down to the sprinkler program the Gardner put on…but would like to get advanced notification as bills are far apart. I really hope it’s not a slab leak.

(Just noticed Hek’s pulse sensor, these look really cool - will have to take a closer look at my meter)

Ouch - $800… I’d definitely check to see if your metering device (analog display @ main) shows use with nothing running inside/outside the home. I see our meter man running house-to-house but I still believe the meter is both analog(for us) and digital(for them). It’s been awhile since I’ve looked into something like this as most products I saw needed constant power (as a shut-off). In my case, the ground had shifted (Texas drought) and compromised the feeder just 12 or so inches from the main. Looked like something big tried to push it’s way up from the ground (Godzilla like). Water rushed out all day until I got home. I’d want something as close to the meter if not damn near at it (wireless/z-wave etc…) to sense and if needed - shut off the valve.

I hope you don’t have a slab leak, got my fingers crossed for you !