Z-Wave to RTS Interface ?Somfy Part# 1870202 help please

Good morning, I am starting to process of automation my home, So far I have three lights and a door lock installed and working great. Now I am moving on to try to include my somfy blinds in to my verde lite controller and have purchased Z-Wave to RTS Interface ?Somfy Part# 1870202. The problem I am having is I cannot get include or exclusion process to work almost like the ZRTSI is not sending a signal but the led’s are lighting up like the manual shows. I have searched the forums and googled the problem but am at a dead end. The only other thing I can find is this from Automated shade web site "There are a few programming items that need modified for each system. " Does anyone know what the programming tweaks are? Or knows what I am doing wrong? Any help is appreciated. Thanks

I think I am grasping at straw but I should not need a usb zwave stick for pairing to the interface?

I recommend following this tutorial: Somfy ZRTSI Programming Tutorial - YouTube (just substitute Tahoma system with Vera)

also if it fails to include, you may need to do an exclude first, then include.

The video that Capjay references really helped me. I got hung up because I thought I was finished after I got the ZRTSI included in Vera. But as the video points out at the 4:40 mark, I had to also include the actual Somfy motor (in my case, a new deck awning.)

So I ended up with two devices in Vera - the ZRTSI, which doesn’t do anything, and my deck awning, which controls the awning quite well through PLEG.

Thank you all for the help. But nothing did the trick after calling verda and somfy, I am returning the controller I think the z wave button is bad. I will update when I get the new unit. Thank you again for helping.