z-wave switch on the vera...

I’ve loaded a z-wave switch my vera… can operate it on the advance mode but not on my dashboard…

Can you give some more info… Like. What do you mean advanced mode?

Are you asking how to make the switch show on the dashboard?

when I go to the advance setting mode /device I can see the switch I installed … there I can turn it on & off & it works fine… back on the dashboard I can only turn the switch once then it does not work…if I close the program… when I come back the switch will work only once…

Can you tell us the exact make and model of the switch in question as that would help greatly.
Also, can you provide a screenshot of the settings for that switch on your dashboard? Click the wrench and then the settings tab.
Are you running 1.5 or 1.6 Firmware? Go to Setup tab and then Firmware tab it will say what firmware you are running

Yesterday I used my laptop to work with… today I used my P C and the switch worked the way it should… guess I will have to reload veralite on my laptop… I have 1.6 software… thanks a lot for your time JHH

It sounds like a browser cache problem… as there is nothing to load on your PC.