Z Wave Switch in house with no Neutral

So I just bought a Jasco switch “ZW4001” and realized when trying to install it that my house only has 2 wires in all light switches.
Now, I know that z wave switches need neutral to work (as I have LED bulbs).
I guess the two wires I can see there are the “Load” and “Line” as stated on the Jasco switch, and I guess ground won’t really be a problem.

However I would like to know if there is a way to identify or make and wire the neutral cable from anywhere in the house.

Worth saying I am no electrician and this is happening outside the US so there is actually no neutral wires anywhere on the house nor behind the service panel electrical panel.

First off, I’m not an electrician either but regardless of your location you should have a neutral (-) wire on the circuit you are trying to switch. Electricity will flow from line [ + ] (panel/circuit breaker) to the switch, from there via load [ALSO +] to eg the light and from there via neutral [-] back to the panel/circuit breaker.

To be able to use the switch, you have to run/connect that neutral wire (from the same circuit) to your switch. Please do not use a neutral wire from another circuit as you run the risk to still have electricity flow to the switch from that second circuit even if you flip the breaker for that first circuit. You’d have to flip the breakers for both circuits to avoid that.

You could use a Fibaro Dimmer who even work without neutral and configure him as a switch.

Reviving a thread from the dead…

Many of my switches are similar in that they only ran the hot wire to the switch box… so no neutral in the box to connect zwave switches to. Short of busting open walls and fishing wire, anyone have a reliable source for US dimmer switches that don’t require the neutral? Jasco/GE used to have one but apparently it got phased out and the replacement SKU requires a neutral. Fibaro can’t seem to get their act together and get their dimmer shipping in the US.