z wave security system

Hi everyone,

I currently have a z wave lock, as well as a few motion sensors/light sensors.

I want to go all out with a security profile including door/window sensors, etc such that when I’m asleep the “alarm” auto sets; when I wake up alarm auto un sets, when I go to work alarm sets again, and if there’s motion during my work hours I get text message, if light turns on during work hours, I get text etc.

I have a vera 2 currently, and was wondering what you all would recommend for a setup? I saw some door/window sensors on zwaveproducts.com but they were like $40 or $50 a piece.

I would also like to possibly integrate an alarm style panel with LCD that can be near front door or so for users to enter password/unset alarm.

Is this doable?

a dedicated alarm system with its own wired or wireless sensors is the best way to go. wired door contacts are very cheap and even the wireless ones are less expensive and smaller then any z wave on you’ll find. the DSC brand alarm systems are the most popular to integrate with the vera.