Z-Wave Range


I may be on here a lot as I’m traveling to Florida from the UK in June to install a system in 2 rental homes. Going to have a limited amount of time to get it all working so will need to be fully planed in advance.

My first question has anyone have any real work experience of the working range of z wave? I’ve got to install it into a 8 bedroom house so its on the large side and for cost issues I’m not planning on replacing every light switch. What is worrying me is will I have problems if my mesh network is not strong enough for a large area? In case your interested you can see a tour of the villa here. http://www.floridabedtime.com/villas/southern-comfort-villa-davenport-florida#tour360

This is an old post, but I’ll respond in case you haven’t left for the Sunshine State yet.

You may want to put an external antenna on your Vera to maximize its range.

It may be easier if you could tell us about the construction (probably breeze block with stucco and with metal interior studs in FLA) and the layout and include where you want to put the devices.

Depending on how it is scattered, you may be better off with a 2nd vera lite.