Z-Wave range problems


At first, sorry if my question is very common, but I haven’t found the information using “search” function.

Next month I’m going to start total reconstruction of my house. It was built 40 years ago, so I’m planning to replace all wires etc. I have a friend who uses Z-Wave network in his flat and he has told me that due to thick walls I could have a problem with communication between nodes.

So I have borrowed Fibaro HC2 with some modules and installed it in my current house to test the ranges. It turned out, that when I use only one node and the HC2, the useful range is about 7-8 metres. Distances greather than this results in loosing communication (devices sometimes works, sometimes not). When I have more devices (I have installed 5 pcs), the communication was way better.

So I’m wondering what is the real useful distance between controller and node if there are no other modules? I have heard about 30 m but It’s hard to believe. Maybe with the mesh network?

Maybe it’s a HC2 problem?

I’m asking, because my other friend tells me that I should decide for KNX cable network as it do not have such communication problems.

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Range is really hard to predict / generalize, as it really depends on the environment.

I just tried a Vera 3 and a single node, at least 10 meters apart, and Vera gave it ‘5 stars’ (the max).