Z-wave or Z-wave plus?

I have a camera connected to a vera plus box. How can I tell if it connected via ZW1 or ZW Plus?


As far as I know, there exist no such thing as a camera using the Zwave. These are IP-camera’s, and they connect to youe LAN (on which you Veraplus also sits) by means of cable of Wifi. If cabled, then optionally some cameras can also be powered using the same UTP-cable (PoE : Power-over-Ethernet)

Yeah sorry, I meant door. Don’t know where camera came from

On the Zwave or Zwave-Plus thing, you might want to open the device , then “Advanced” then “Variables” and then look for a field “PlusInfo”
If its there, I think your device is a Zwave Plus device.
That seems to be consistent over here, several oldies do not have this, recent integrated items to have the PlusInfo field.