Z-Wave Options (Firmware 1.0.320)

I’ve been experimenting with the device z-wave options with my 3 ZIR000 motion sensors for setting config #18 (idle offset). Still not sure if it is programming correctly. I clicked on “add configuration”, then defined the following:

Variable Data Size Desired Value
18 1 byte dec 8

According to the manual, the setting takes a value between 0 - 255. This should adjust the default idle off from 2 minutes to 10 minutes. It seems to be working for the hallway sensors. Still testing the kitchen sensor which doesn’t seem to be responding anymore.

I also noticed that if I try to program the parameter without polling first, it fails to program. Is this the intended behavior?

The motion sensor only wakes up once every 4 hours, or for a minute when the batteries are first inserted. The way to force it to configure is to remove/reinsert the batteries, immediately, then in Vera click ‘+’ next to the sensor, then Z-Wave options for that device, then ‘configure node right now’. You’ll have a status box showing if it’s successful or not. Otherwise, you have to wait up to 4 hours for the sensor to wake up and when it does Vera will configure it.

Hallway sensors are working ok, but the kitchen sensor is not sending the idle anymore. :cry:

I was finally able to get the kitchen sensor to work again. I had to reset it back to the factory setting. I haven’t tried changing the value again.