Z-Wave Not Found after Heal Network

Hello all,

I recently upgraded the dongle to 2.78 and, after resetting and re-adding all devices, ran a Heal Network. The next day I checked Vera to find a “Z-Wave: Not Found” error on the dashboard and Devices pages. Rebooting the Vera didn’t help. I read in other posts about resetting the network but before I do that, any suggestions? I submitted a ticket and left debugging on, but have heard nothing.


Is the dongle light flashing or solid on or solid off?

The dongle could be locked up if it is solid on or solid off… my vera says “no zwave” after the dongle locks up

try taking the dongle out… then press the small reset button on the bottom of it and put it back in

This turned out to be the known blue light of death on the dongle. Unplugging and re-plugging made it all good.

Looking forward to the dongle update to come.


lights did not shut off tonight. it appears my new dongle has “the freeze”.


submitted ticket 1263.