Z-Wave network constantly down

Has anybody a hint how I can heal this situation?

My dongle is constantly lighted, what also means that no Z-Wave command is possible - the network is down. Normally I can clear this situation by unplug/plug the dongle. It than starts blinking and everything is ok for the next few hours. But now - this thing is solid blue lighted. Nothing helps. Not unplug/plug, not reboot Vera, not pushing the dongle’s button.

I need some help!

I know you’ve also read the “Dongle Replacement Policy” post under Official Announcements, but also check out:


Sounds like you could use a replacement dongle.

Thank you LibraSun. I should have said, that I own a two weeks old replaced .78 dongle…

The question is: How can I restart the dongle? Or… How long lasts the internal battery?

We mulled over these questions last month:


The battery question remains open, in my opinion, since MCV hasn’t given any lifetime estimates.
Hope you get your dongle situation ironed out.

Yes. that post:

describes probably my problem as #2. But there seems not to be a solution or workaround.


I found that little hole on the dongle’s back side. That is the reset-button. Two seconds after pushing the button everything was fine…