Z-wave long-range?

Do the current Ezlo hubs support Z-wave long range?

I was looking at the " ZOOZ 800 SERIES Z-WAVE PLUS XS OPEN | CLOSE SENSOR ZSE41 800LR" sensor, and the manufacturer says:

  • Z-Wave Long Range ready: extend the wireless coverage up to 1300 feet (line of sight) if your hub supports Long Range

So, can I use this specific sensor with Ezlo AND get 1300 feet?

If not, is there an Ezlo hub that does support this?

(Back in 2020, you mentioned you were waiting on a new chip).

Thank you.

Greetings, @robotman

Unfortunately, our controllers do not support Z-Wave long range yet, so at the moment please keep using the recommended distance of usage (30Ft maximum from the controller to ensure the connection)

we are building the firmware, ezlo will support the long range Z-Wave.


Thank you. Is there an ETA?

Hello @robotman.
We have long range in our test branch and testing it with different devices supporting long range and planning to release it in the next builds.
We will make a release of long range for our Linux based hubs in several sprints.

Hi, any news / updates on Z-wave long range support? Thanks.

Following up on this. Any update (ETA) for long range support? Thanks.

Hello @robotman

We apologize for the delay.

I wanted to provide you with an update regarding your requeriment. I’m pleased to inform you that it’s currently in progress.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this. Rest assured, we’re dedicated to delivering the best possible outcome for you.

Thank you for your continued trust and cooperation.