Z Wave lock for commercial storefront aluminum/glass door?

Has anyone found a z wave lockset that is compatible with a commercial storefront aluminum/glass door? I would like to be able to automate a couple of doors rather than have to worry about multiple employees with keys and the problems that arise from that!


Hello Scott,

I would recommend you to go to our device compatibility list:


check what we have for door locks and contact the manufacturer, to see if they have what you want.

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Market seems to be a bit too small for these specialty locks and like the patio sliding door locks which would be somewhat similar, there has not been much momentum on commercializing these.

For commercial storefronts, I have seen magnetic door holders used with card readers. Perhaps something can be cobbled together by using a z-wave relay to release the door holder instead of the card reader.

Yes I think you could put something together that way. I am looking for a more or less plug & play solution like the schlage or yale locks because the software side is already done. Things like assigning pin codes, audit and alerts.

Thanks for the response.


Have you seen Yale’s line of commercial Z-Wave door locks?
I do not know if they will work with the door you have but it may be worth a look.