Z-wave lamp modules and Intermatic remote cheap

a company called Tuesday morning is selling a starter kit including two lamp modules and an Intermatic remote for $39. I found out about it in this forum several weeks ago and got three sets. I ordered two more sets just a couple of days ago and they’re shipping. So, I know they have more.

Hmm - I just checked and could not find any more. Do you have a direct link to them there?

I checked back at the website, and I couldn’t find them either. They must have sold out. Sorry.

I just picked up one of these kits from my local Tuesday Morning for $40… they had 4 more in stock. I’m In Kansas. PM me if anyone is interested.

I just found out we have a store around the corner my my workplace - what section did you find them in, I’m going to stop by tonite on the way home.

I found it by the electronics… they really don’t have defined sections, you will just have to hunt I am afraid.

Here is a pic of the product in it’s packaging: Shows | Microsoft Learn

Hope this helps!

That’s more than a remote. That’s a primary controller, with a built in timer and Sunrise/Sunset options.
It’s how I got started down this ZWAVE path (and I paid a LOT more for that).

:-[ I was hoping it was a stick remote. Oh well, I’ll drive out to the Tuesday Morning near me and see if they have one anyway. $40 for the 2 outlet switches is still pretty close to half price.

If you live in the Lansdale area, I left 4 sets of these at Tuesday Morning.