Z-Wave Keypad to Use for Scenes to Turn On/Off Siren

I just want a simple battery-powered keypad that I can mount on the wall, so that based on the codes entered, it will trigger Scene events.

I want one Scene event that if I trip a sensor and the sirens start going on, I can enter a code on the keypad which will trigger a Scene event to turn off all the sirens.

Or, if there’s a panic situation, I can enter another code to trigger a Scene event to turn on all the sirens and all the interior and exterior lights.

Right now, when I trip a sensor and the sirens go on, I have to fumble with my phone to load the app and run the scene to turn off the sirens. I’d prefer a keypad on the wall so I can do this.

Is there such a keypad?

There use to be one or two, I don’t know of any in the US still in production, most were pretty aweful anyway, for example the Zipato one could only be used to change the home/away mode, not to trigger scenes. I think UHPPOTE use to also make one that I think could also be used with Vera. I know some folks who just take the keypad portion of the z-wave door lock and just have it be a dummy lock to get the keypad functionality (which also feels like an expensive hack).

What I ended up doing it use the Homeseer WS or WD200 series light switches and then I use the Controller plug-in by Gengen to make it so you can trigger scenes off the double, tripple, and quad taps (so the light switches I want to be able to silence an alarm) and I use a tap pattern for dissarms. If you want a code… like 3 taps up, 4 taps down, 2 taps up, for example, you, you would also need to use virtual switches and either Reactor or PLEG… if you are not worried to much about people discovering that 4 quick down taps silence your alarm… or 4 quick up taps trigger a panic, than all you need is the switch from homeseer and gengens plugin.

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