Z-Wave in UK from Coco

Are these devices compatible with Z-Wave?

Luuks Kaku stuff to me
And not Zwave modules

The CoCo products operate at a frequency of 433.92 MHz - not Z-Wave

Hmm, I’m not from the UK myself, but the source of the info mentioned it was Z-Wave… Sorry for the confusion.

Thats wath i mentonend.

KAKU is in dutch klick aan klick uit ( would be something like click on and off ) , this are very cheap modules.
The module has only 256 oppertunities for different codes.

But in use it seems like there only a 10 or 12. So most of the time you can share you;re light with the local neighbors. ( when the put a light on , you;re light will go on also ) ;D

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