Z-Wave Fibaro Motion Sensor 3in1 FGMS-001


I have two of these attached to a Vera Edge here in the UK.

Does anyone know how to configure the colours, so if the temp is below a certain figure it glows blue, if above a certain temp it glows red and anything in between is green.

I have had a look around and not found anything.

Anyone have any ideas?

Many thanks,



Look at the instructions for configuring parameters 80, 86, and 87.


Thanks for the heads up, still not clear how to configure this under UI7.

Has anyone got a wiki or a reference to give me a heads up. I thought this was going to be quite simple, but I guess not.

Many thanks for any help in advance.


  1. Find the device in your UI7 list of devices.
  2. Click the right arrow to go to the device configuration page
  3. Click the Device Options right arrow
  4. Click Add Configuration Settings button
  5. In the variable text box type 80 (or 86 or 87),
  6. Use the pdf I linked to to tell you what the data size is supposed to be (probably either 1 byte dec or 2 byte dec)
  7. Put in the value you want in the Desired Value field that corresponds to what you want.
  8. Click the back button and then save changes

For example, I don’t want the light of the sensor to blink at all so, for parameter 80, I use a 1 byte dec data size and enter 0 in the Desired Value text box.

For what you want to do, parameters 80, 86, and 87 all sort of work together so you have to configure each one of them to get your desired outcome.


Thanks for this, I will try this tonight and will report back. Its help like this that makes Vera work!!

Many thanks,


You’re welcome.

I forgot to mention that you may need to do a couple more things to have the settings take effect. I say “may”, because it seems people have had varying degrees of success with getting the settings to update on Vera. I, for example, forced a luup reload to get my settings to take. Others have just done a simple ‘configure node now’. Patience is a virtue with this device… It may be best just to give it some time to wake up and configure itself.

If you want to force e luup reload (which maybe does nothing…it could have just been coincidence for me), you go to apps-> develop apps → serial configuration → luup reload.

Or, you can force it to wake up and talk to Vera and get the config updates by pressing the button by the battery for 1 second…

There are lots of options and just because one of those works this time doesn’t mean it will work with the next one you add. :slight_smile:

It is not specified in the manual whether the parameters are hex. or dec.
Or did I overlooked it somewhere ?

I’m 99% sure they are all dec.

Hey guys,

the video shows that they have “intelligent object recognition” going as far as counting the amount of people entering a room. This is a simple motion sensor so the only way to accomplish this would be to track movement direction and how many objects enter the range of surveillance.

I assume that this is a feature working with the Fibaro home controller. Did anybody check if such functionality is available with Vera as well? I would assume this is a simple good looking motion, temperature and vibration sensor for Vera but if there is more please educate me.


If you watch the video they have two sensors on the ceiling on either side of the door frame pointing straight down. This allows them to count based on which sensor triggers first when going in or out of the room.