Z-Wave device with inputs

I’m looking for a z-wave device that has low voltage (12-24 VDC/AC) inputs. I think the ZOOZ ZEN17 has what I need but it includes outputs as well. I could use that but I’m wondering if there’s anything similar out there. It’s difficult to search for it online without getting lots of unrelated hits.

Yes the Zooz Zen 16 or ZEN17 should work but as you note it comes with other items you don’t need.

You could try an Aeotec ZW097 if you can convert your signal to a dry contact closure (via a small relay?). Any dry contact sensor should work if you can convert signal to dry contact (ZWA011, ZWA012, …).

ZOOZ has a dry contact relay but it looksl like the trigger voltage is line voltage

Thanks for the suggestion. I had thought of using a relay - which I could connect to any door/windows sensor. I even have a few 433Mhz devices which have greater range but less open loop communication.