"Z-Wave" Device on Mobile UI

Sometime recently, a new device showed up on the main page of the smartphone interface on my Vera. It’s just called “z-wave” and I’m assuming it represents the Vera dongle. Anytime the page comes up, neither On nor Off are highlighted. Clicking on On/Off doesn’t seem to do anything. Any thoughts on how to get rid of this?
Sorry, if this has been discussed before - it’s a little hard to come up with a search phrase to find this topic if it exists.

edit: I might add - I just updated my dongle recently… I don’t know if that’s what caused this or not… Haven’t tried rebooting vera yet, but IMO, I shouldn’t have to reboot vera… this device should not be visible in the first place… I like to try to solve a problem without rebooting, before I try rebooting to solve it…

I also have it on my Ipod touch at the top of the screen

I have two of them. 1 says ‘ZWave’ while the other says nothing. Both of their icons indicate they are simple on/off light switches. I have noticed them for a few days now.

My system just crashed tonight and had to do a restore. The iPhone interface didn’t change before, during or after I restored it, which would lead me to believe mcv is doing something with the mui.

I also see it. They must be doing something, sometimes my device button (25%, 50% etc) will fit on one row, then sometimes the last button shifts down a row.