Z-Wave controller hardware at a lower level

I was looking at the RaZberry Pi, which is apparently a Raspberry PI board with a Z-Wave daughter card. The daughter card implements an API called Z-Way. As a developer, it is tempting to try to roll my own controller, although my better judgement tells me these things take more time than I have. Still…

The RaZberry board looks interesting, of course due to the daughter card. What other options are there for those with coding talent? The Z-Way API looks okay but I’m wondering it it will be too limiting. Are there other developers here who have whipped up their own controller and, if so, what hardware did you use?

I don’t have the coding talent (or any talent for that matter) but have 2 RP2’s with the above mentioned daughter board. The firmware that came with them is riddled with problems and support laughable, so I brought a new SD Card and created an image of openLuup using cudanet excellent thread, with the intention of using it as a starting point.

That’s as far as I’ve gotten apart from downloading some info on the API, but it’s over my head and I’m lost.
If you do go ahead with it, post your results, I am definitely interested as we have no radio for the GEN 5 chip in Australia and a new wave of GEN 5 controllers is ready to hit the market very soon.

Have you looked at Openhab? It can run on a raspberry pi and most of the heavy coding has already been done for you. It still takes a fair amount of work to configure.

I’ll check it out, thanks!