z-Wave Configuring and cannot delete a dead device

When ever I launch the dashboard I see a blue gear turning with the message “z-Wave: configuring”.

This is a new behavior that began after a door sensor (HM-DW001) went dead. Coincidently, does not work and the interactive responsiveness of the GUI seems degraded.

Any idea what the dashboard message means in this context? Is this normal behavior? or is an early indication that the system will soon freeze up?

I am away from home and am reluctant to experiment with anything that might lead to an unusable system or might require hands on to fix.

You ever solve this? I got the same thing going on this morning
with a schlage deadbolt…

Have done this twice wih Schlage. The only way to finally get this right, in my both cases, is to exclude “and” reset the lock back to factory default and then include again.

my 2c

upgraded to 988
repaired network
z-wave: configuring message gone
able to delete dead device - finally
GUI responsiveness returned