I have just found out this part Z Extender that is supposed to map IR to Zwave: http://www.remotec.com.hk/zaspx/product_content.aspx?aboutno=36&subaboutno=36&main=t

it sounds interesting, anyone has tried it with vera 2?

isn’t this the same as the sq blaster? I haven’t used it too much but I do have 1 installed . I just haven’t found the time to work on it controlling my av gear via vera. Another look at the picture again this looks suspiciously like an sq blaster just covered up…

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The Z-Extender seems to be a native Z-Wave device (a Z-Wave to IR bridge), whereas the SQ Blaster is a Wi-Fi to IR bridge.

As much as I like seeing new z-wave devices being released I think the SQ Blaster’s model (wifi->ir bridge) is probably more practical. I like my z-wave lights but for anything else I plan on sticking to serial, ethernet, or wifi.

As much as I love wifi, my 2.4ghz band is pretty saturated with things that matter at this point - and it uses so much juice that it can’t run (very long) on batteries. The Z-Extender should go a few months on that set of AAA’s, which means i can just stick it up on a wall facing all my A/V equipment and be done with it

You can also add a 5V AC to it through a mini usb cable.