Your Recommendation for Air Quality?

I was wondering what devices people are use for to monitor air quality with their Vera?s? I have a water heated house and the CO2 gets a bit high when I?m sleeping in my bed room even with the door open. I would like to use some type of Z-wave CO2 sensor/Air Quality sensor with my vera to trigger my houses fan controls. Do you have any recommendations or suggestions?

Thank you for your input!

I use NETATMO + netatmo plugin to get the co2 reading To Vera.

Same. If CO2 gets around 800 ppm I have the fans/ventilation kick on. If it falls below 500 ppm, same items are turned off. Done by hooking them up to a zwave light switch and creating a scene.

Thank you for the feedback, Netatmo has a number of products at first I thought you were referring to the Netatmo healthy home coach? Which seems like what I’m looking for but when I did a searched for Netatmo plugin’s for the vera I only found a plugin for the Netatmo Weather Station? Does the Weather Station plugin work for the Netatmo healthy home coach as well?


Netatmo healthy home coach

I find the vera works excellent for controlling multiple fans and doing environmental controls I just need to figure out the air quality part.

If there was a plugin for the Netatmo Indoor security camera with face recognition that would very interesting.

Netatmo Indoor security camera with face recognition

I don’t know.

I have the weather station, indoor module, outdoor module with wind speed. All work fine.

Just wanted to clarify that I did NOT have the healthy home coach.

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