Hello, i cant find any information about VeraPlus and Yeelight.
Can i connect VeraPlus with their Bulb? If not, is there any plan to support this?

Communication Mode Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

This brand of lights is not officially supported.

If they(Xiaomi) provide an API then you might be able to write some Lua code to support it, and possibly a pluggin. But, without that, you cannot control this light with Vera.

I found this post because I found a deal posted on SlickDeals for the Yeelight for $10/bulb. So naturally I googled “Yeelight Vera” to see if it could be integrated with my Vera. It would be interesting to see if a plugin does show up for it. The product page listed that it has an open API. But is there even a color selector built in to Vera? How well could one really be implemented? Also I’m not sure if this site is for the same bulbs or not the logos appear to be the same but it seems to be the developer site for it:


Any movement on that topic ?


I think alot of pple have been moving again from vera.

I see alot of activities in Smartthings. Developers always working on 3rd party integrations.

maybe needs to work on this else its hard.

even hue gen 2 cant work on vera iu5.

sad :frowning:


Anyone able to make a plugin for the Yeelight ? I have it working fine in eventghost using the python library available online but would love a plugin in VERA.



I’ve contacted Vera Support and they have no intention of supporting the Yeelights so here’s hoping someone will be able to make a plugin.


It could be a good idea. Yeelight it is a cheap solution.


Thank you