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I have 2 Yale YDRD246 configured on my VeraPlus. The Vera is about mid-range distance from one to the other. However, I don’t know why the first one is completely reactive with the controler and the other one is not… I lock the door from inside, and the Vera controler don’t seem to receive the notifications. The parameters are the same and I have a lot of Z-Wave devices, so if they react as repeaters, the issue should not be the distance between them, right ?

What do you suggest ?

Thanks for your help !

I have the same lock and one of them is not direct. I have many many zwave devices and do get a relay, This can lead to a slightly longer on the final update. If you have an older house this can lead to shadows. First, what is the distance to the lock itself from your V+? is there a straight line or lots of twists and turns, in other words lots of walls? Is there a hall between the V+ and YRD? If so putting a zwave relay there would be good. Finally, NOT all zwave devices have relay built into them. Older devices and battery powered ones don’t necessarily. Make sure the ones you think are doing the relay do relay… or just get a relay and plug it in the a good spot.

Thank you Charles for your feedback.

The lock that works well is on the ground floor and the one that doesn’t work is in the basement. Even though my controller is located in the basement, the distance between the basement lock and the controller is a little higher, and the path to get there, more winding (about 3 walls in a straight line / or only one wall passing indirectly through the large open plan room). My thermostats are all Zigbee and therefore cannot be used as a relay. However, the switches and dimmers on the ground floor are not the same as those in the basement. In the basement, they are mostly Leviton RZI06 but I don’t know if they can be used as relays (nothing to indicate in the specifications for this purpose)

  1. Which relay do you suggest? do you have a specific model?
  2. How can I see if the relay is activated on switches and dimmers? I don’t see any option in the device settings for this.

I found the problem… for no reason, the parameter “neighbors” of the lock device was empty, so I copy the same parameter from another device near to it, and everything is fine now ! Be sure that there is no comma at the end of the string because it won’t work

Sounds like you found how to set up relay and that the device you changed is now rebroadcasting. Great! I am going to have to go looking for that parm. Glad you got it fixed!!

There are two or three different power outlet ZWave relays. I have tried at least two and they both worked fine and were in the mid$20 range. The big thing is to check that they have the ZWave associate approval so they conform to ZWave specs… Or just buy them on Amazon and see if they work and return it if it doesn’t.

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