Yale YRD120-ZW Deadbolt Support for Ezlo Plus

I have a Yale YRD120-ZW deadbolt to pair with my Ezlo Plus, moved over from my Vera Edge. That model is virtually identical to the YRD110-ZW, which does show on the Ezlo list as compatible and supported

I would like to try selecting it as a YRD110, to see if it would work with my YRD120, but the YRD110 doesn’t appear as a Devices/Door Lock selection on the Vera Mobile app.

I was able to pair the lock as a Generic Device, and MIOS does show it as a Yale Deadbolt, but I can’t get any response from the lock.

I will appreciate any support or guidance to get the Yale lock working properly with the Ezlo Plus. The lock is a critical device for my use of the Ezlo.

Hi there @vicw!

We are currently investigating the connectivity between the Yale YRD120-ZW and the Ezlo Plus platform. We’ll reply back as soon as we have any updates on it.

Thanks @slapfrost I think it should be almost identical to the YRD110-ZW. Looking forward to your success with support for the YRD120-ZW.

Do you know why the YRD110-ZW doesn’t show in the Device selection list in Vera Mobile, despite it being shown as supported for the EZLO Plus?

Hey @vicw!

We have run a test with the same lock model on firmware version and were able to configure the lock properly. I’ll create a support ticket and send you an e-mail to give you a hand with the lock’s configuration.

Regarding the question you had about the devices list: Most of our compatible devices do not have a device pairing wizard although it shouldn’t affect their functionality. As long as the device is tested to be compatible, should be ready to be used without problems.

If you have any questions, please let us know!

That’s good news @slapfrost. It sounds promising.

Regarding the compatible devices vs. Pairing Wizard: knowing that a device is deemed compatible doesn’t necessarily mean it will appear on the Pairing Wizard is an important fact. I had assumed otherwise. I am guessing that I should use the Generic Device selection with those devices, and it should be able to decode the Model and respond appropriately.

It is right. Using the Generic Z-Wave Device option, once the controller detects the device, it will identify and recognize its functions.

@vicw just as a reminder, could you please check your email inbox and reply back to us so we can give you a hand with the lock’s configurations?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

@slapfrost I can’t find any email regarding the Yale lock, Can you send it again?

@vicw I have sent it again. Just in case I’ll send you a PM as well to make sure we have registered the correct e-mail address.

Yes, I received it, and responded to your PM. You had mentioned that you had tested the Yale lock on FW and it worked. Ezlo Plus has been running at FW, but I just discovered that it has updated to, without my intervention. I don’t know when the update occurred, but that might explain why my system went bonkers in the middle of the evening last night, and I now show an array of Unknown, Broken and Can’t Connect devices in addition to my normal complement.

I guess I can try to delete the phantom devices, if possible.

Thank you for the confirmation. Our production snapshot 141 was indeed released yesterday. If possible, attach as much information as possible about the devices that are currently failing to give you a hand with them. I’ll remain attentive to your response!