Yale Real Living Deadbolt - Trigger Explanation For New Scene

For those that have a Yale Real Living Deadbolt:

There is a specific trigger for the lock among those you are able to choose for scenes titled “Lock Button Is Pressed”. I had assumed this to mean that if a person began using the touchpad that the trigger would then activate whatever scene you had set up. After trying the keypad though, it doesn’t seem that that specific trigger is in fact when the keypad is used. Does anyone have any idea what this action with the deadbolt actually sets off this trigger?

My idea was that when I come home at night, I wanted my overhead porch light to come on when the touchpad was activated, followed by my washroom light just beyond the door to come on when a proper pin code was entered. I have successfully worked out getting the interior light to come on when the trigger for the pincode is set, but I haven’t figured out if there is anyway to trip a light when the keypad is touched, “waking up” the display. Has anyone messed around with this at all?

This action works when the physical lock button is pressed to lock the deadbolt. Not the number keys, but the lock button. Not sure if the Yale has this button, but Kwikset and Schlage have it.

  • Garrett

Hrm… I guess the triggers listed in Vera for locks are generic and not based on the individual locks themselves then? The Yale Real Living Deadbolts have a touchpad and no actual lock button. You can lock the deadbolt from the inside by physically turn the lock or lock it from the outside by placing your hand on the touchpad. But there is actually no lock button as you mentioned there are on the Kwikset and Schlage locks garrettwp.

Do you think my only option for turning the porch light on for someone approaching the lock would be based on a motion sensor then? It doesn’t seem like Vera has any option for making a trigger based on the touchpad on the lock being “woken up” when someone places their hand on it.

Maybe when a wrong code is entered

I believe so.

You can lock the deadbolt [...] from the outside by placing your hand on the touchpad.
Is there an indication in the lock documentation that such an event is supported? (I can see how in general the manufacturers may try to minimize the number of Z-Wave communications to extend battery life.)

I was able to get in contact with the product manager for these Yale locks. He said that the yale locks report z-wave status immediately when the state of the lock changes (regardless of how) from locked to unlocked and vice vera.

Also, he said that they report immediately when a PIN code is entered. They also report when the button on the inside is used to enable privacy mode.

So, MCV:

Please fix these issues. I can only get vera to trigger on locked or unlocked. I can’t get PIN code triggers to work.n Also, please add a trigger for a mode change from normal to privacy and normal to vacation modes.

Your better off entering a bug report into bugs.mios.com. Make sure there isn’t one that already exist. MCV does not rely on these forums for such requests.

  • Garrett

updated to beta 1.5.432 per MCV. PIN code triggers are fixed. Added a “bug” to add support for trigger of privacy mode.