Yale Keyless Connected - Battery always 10% and loses Connection

Hi there,
Not sure if anyone has / has overcome this problem.

I have a Yale Keyless Connected Lock (Yale p/n YD-01-CON-ZW-CH). It is generally working as expected but it seems to lose it’s connection with Vera Plus around once every couple of days. When it loses connection I can open it using the Vera UI and it reliably re-establishes connection. However it’s very frustrating as when it’s ‘disconnected’ the various scenes triggered when me or my wife use our codes don’t initiate!

It used to work 100% and it may of broken on last firmware update - but not too sure. FW version 1.7.2608.

A separate but potentially related issue is the lock has never reported more then 10% battery - even with new batteries inserted.

Any advice on either of these issues would be gratefully received!!


Hi all, does anyone have any advice for this problem? I’m really keen to get the lock running again. It’s disconnected again today for seemingly no reason.

Home Automation is becoming a big WAF issue. I’m contemplating jumping ship to Homeseer as it seems to have a better reputation for the basics ‘just working’. I actually really like the UI and simplicity of Vera, so much rather get things working reliably.

Hi Guys, any words of wisdom on this? I can’t be the only one with this issue as it seems to happen so frequently.

The lock is a secure device. It needs to be quite close to the vera unless you have secure repeaters in between. I am suspecting that you have a zwave network connectivity issue with your lock losing transmission packets.


I have this lock too, the same as you it always says the batteries are flat but more importantly, it don’ts update the lock icon to show its’ current status. The lock does however react to clicking on the lock / unlock icons on the Home Centre. Does yours update the locks icon to show status?

Disclaimer: I recommended having a security system unlock doors leading inside a building an not using vera to unlock doors leading inside a building.

When installing any type of z-wave lock I always try to install a good z-wave light switch or power receptacle that supports z-wave beaming with in a meter of the lock. I find this eliminates a lot of the problems related to the radio modules in z-wave locks. When looking in the vera logs are the battery level gets sent from the lock to the vera? Often locks show up in controllers as needing there batteries replaced when the controllers are not receiving the battery level data. 10% may = no battery level data (not a real reading of the battery level data from the lock). Have you tried calling Yale’s tech support? http://www.yalehome.com/en/yale/yalehome/support/