Yale Keyfree Door Lock compatibility question

Hi guys,

I know some of the other Yale locks are compatible with vera, but does anyone know if the keyfree one is?

http://www.yale.co.uk/en/yale/couk/yale-digital/Keyfree-digital-lock/ or http://www.homebase.co.uk/en/homebaseuk/diy/door-locks/yale-keyfree-door-lock-chrome-with-free-installation-123328

Thanks guys.

I don’t see any mention of z-wave, so I would guess not. If it has z-wave support, i would think so, but like I said, I didn’t see any mention of it.

Well, yes. But the locks that do work (and are in the wizard) http://www.yale.co.uk/en/yale/couk/yale-digital/Keyless-digital-lock/ also dont show ZWave… confusing!

I believe only the Yale real living locks can be fitted with their z-wave module

Right and there is a key-free version (I have two), but I am not seeing them on the Yale UK site. Are definitely on the Yale US site…