Yale Door Lock Auto Relock Settings


I know there are a lot of Yale lock posts but I wasn’t able to find the answer I’m looking for. I’ll explain my situation and you can direct me to another post if necessary. Thanks.

I recently installed my second Yale Door lock and enabled the auto relock from the lock menu itself and it works. However, I find it locks way to quickly. From within the lock settings under Device Options > Configuration Settings, I have tried playing with each of the following settings without luck:

  • 2-Auto relock (0 or 255)
  • 3-Relock time (5 or 255)

When I do change these settings, I find:

  • the lock ‘seems’ to disconnect from the network as I don’t receive my Pushover notifications for a while but they eventually come back
  • my values under “Desired Value” don’t go away if I try to delete then save
  • the door lock re-locks itself within 10 seconds and I can’t increase it
  • now the door lock has a red circle and shows: Failed at: Getting the version underneath

I e-mailed Yale for support and received the following response:

I am sorry but I cannot explain this to you. You will need to call Mi Casa Verde for support. They choose what features are integrated and able to be changed in the lock.

Can anyone here help me out? What I’d like is for the door to re-lock itself within 5 minutes of being unlocked.


I tried this for about a week and ended up going with using the PLEG plugin solution. Works much better and easier to change plus when we are having a social event I can disable the auto lock and re enable once everyone leaves.