Yale Conexis? L1

Any plans on the road map for Yale Conexis? L1 support. Its a great easy to use lock with Zwave module options …

+1 getting critical… got two of this, keeps “setting special permissions” and drains the battery… would be nice if vera could include it properly

Hi there,

Usually Yale sends us samples with every new product they release. We don’t have samples yet, for this device.

As a suggestion, to that error. You can go to Settings->Device options → And if you see any parameters there, you can remove them.

No settings indicated in that section. The zwave module is the same as for other yale smart living locks. I think the zwave module is called KFCON-MOD-ZW-S. Does that change anything?

I’ve checked and we don’t have yet any Yale locks with this particular Z-wave chip.

However, I would still log a ticket with our support team (see my signature), so maybe the figure this out, based on your particular setup.

Im having the same issue with special associations and battery drain, was there a resolution?


Not as far as i know. I ended up taking the zwave module out of the lock, and since then batteries are fine. I never followed up with on my request to vera, because they wanted me to send the logs from vera when doing include exclude operations. Never got around to it. Use yale bluetooth for visitors instead.

I found on another forum…

Once the lock exists on the interface, go into settings and set automatically configure to no.

Seems to work so far


Any news on this Yale Conexis L1 lock and their Z-Wave module 2.

Does it work properly with Vera?



I’d love to know too

My 2 cents worth,

I got one 2.5 months ago, connected to Vera with no issues with the GEN1 zwave module. Still using the batteries it came with - not sure why I don’t seem to have the drain issues everyone else is complaining about. It’s been rock solid (tempting fate now) - pretty pleased with it. The RFID cards are a bit clunky to use, but the key fobs work just fine. There is a second or so delay, but the ZWAVE seem to work instantly. Door unlocks when my phone joins the wifi during a time window when I usually arrive home from work etc.

I’ve not bothered with the bluetooth functionality etc… too much faffing involved.

I am a bit concerned that Vera only seems to support the US locks of Yale, and that after more than a year there still is no native support for probably the most common electronic lock in the market. Is this a common issue of Vera?


I have just installed the Yale Conexis L1 with Z Module 2. I was struggling a bit with adding to my VeraSecure, only because the Conexis L1 doesn’t come up as an option when trying to add a device. I couldn’t find any guidance here, so I thought I’d add some.

The lessons I’ve learned:

  1. Add it as a Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt
  2. Ignore all the talk of pin numbers, etc, and keep hitting Next until you get to the adding stage. At that point, you do the usual 3-press process on the lock.
  3. Don’t try adding a PIN to the lock. I tried this and it dropped off the network. I removed and reinstalled the batteries and it reappeared. (This whole episode may have been a coincidental drop out, but the lock is within 2m of the controller and 5 other z-wave devices, so I would be surprised).

I initially added it as one of the other Yale types (it may have been push button dead bolt, I can’t remember). Following this, the Vera didn’t notice when I unlocked the door manually using the thumb-turn. It now seems to be fine and is showing when this happens.

Alexa: First time around, I couldn’t get Alexa to lock it, even though Alexa reported back that it was locked. This function does seem a little superfluous, since Alexa can’t lock it unless you have lifted handle, and upon lifting the handle it locks itself anyway. (Alexa can’t unlock at present). However, there is one benefit in that, if Alexa tries to lock it and can’t because the handle hasn’t been lifted, the lock beeps. Added into my “Goodnight” routine, this serves as a check that the front door is locked.

As I have only just installed the lock this afternoon, so I have yet to discover if I have the battery drain issue, but I have set it to Settings>Automatically Configure to “No”, as mentioned above. I will report if I have the issue. (If I don’t have the issue I’ll probably forget to report!).

If anyone has any hints on how to make the lock quieter they would be greatly appreciated. Those beeps are really loud.

Best regards, Rob.

@Rob, from within the phone app (IOS at least) there is an option to change the loudness of the beeps. I am still on my batteries that came with the lock - installed July 2018… using the v1 Zwave module. It’s been fab thus far.

Hi folks

@fvford - Thanks for the response. I can’t find the option in the Android app (could be user error)! Now I’m used to it, I don’t find it too intrusive (especially now I’ve fixed the scene that was unlocking the door whenever my phone connected to the network, every 30 minutes or so, day and night!)

I installed on 19th Jan, and it’s now 8th Feb. My battery is showing as 90%, so 3 weeks for 10% battery loss = 30 weeks for total drain, so I’m looking at around 6 months of life.

Thus far, I’m pleased with the lock. No quibbles at all. It even has a high WAF (wife approval factor). I’m really glad I took the plunge.

I’m pleased with it too, but I was hoping for a little more connectivity with Vera, such as being able to trigger scenes dependant on which tag/phone unlocks the door, plus a log of door activity would be nice.

Another update on battery life. 14 March (8 weeks in). 59% battery.

This lock is used every day by 2 people (it is our front door).

So, around 19 weeks of battery life at this rate.

Still loving the lock. It lost connection to z-wave on one occasion, so I pulled the batteries to reset. Otherwise, no issues.

Cheers, Rob

Almost a year later and my battery is on 20% now, still the crappy ones that came with it. Almost too scared to change them after what others experienced here…

Ok 2021 and the batteries conked out. Oddly no matter what replacement batteries I install they only last 48hrs!? I have NO idea what’s going on… was fun whilst it lasted!