YAASQ (Yet Another Aeotec Switch Question)

I’ve installed quite a few Aeotec switches and dimmers around my house, but so far only at single pole locations. I’ve avoided 3-way and 4-way wiring, but have decided I want/need to get over that hurdle. I’ve got all the requisite voltage meters/multimeters/equipment to make sure I can identify the wires properly. I’ve used the two attached diagrams to come to a near complete (I think) understanding of how to wire in the Aeotec module in a 3-way switch, except for one piece of the puzzle. In the Aeotec wiring diagram, the orange ‘switch’ wire on the left hand side…is that the equivalent of the red traveler or the taped white traveler in the other (3-way switch) diagram that goes between the two switches? I assume, maybe incorrectly, that I can pigtail from that to the Aeotec module so that I have both local and remote control?

Zwaver, (and possibly others) thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure that the Aeotec diagram you provided is the best choice. It use to be fine to connect it that way, but I’ve read that the new ones can’t tolerate line voltage on the switch terminals. I haven’t tested it, so if you need to connect it that way, contact Aeon labs and verify that your switch version can be done that way.

Attached is a poor quality diagram that will definitely work and I hope it helps you understand your target configuration. Note that the standard switches connect to the switch terminals on the microswitch, they are not directly attached to the Line.

Using your standard switch diagram as a guide, to get it to match my diagram you’d want to mount the microswitch in the left gang box as follows:

  1. Remove the Load from the standard switch and connect it to the Microswitch.

  2. Connect a short wire from the switch’s previous load connector to the Wall Switch terminal on the microswitch.

  3. Separate the Neutrals(Load-Neutral/Line-Neutral) wires and attach them to their respective terminals on the microswitch.

  4. Separate the Line wires and attach the Line to the microswitch.

  5. Attach the remaining black(former Line from the traveler bundle) to the second Wall Switch terminal on the microswitch.

Z-waver, thanks so much for the write up and diagram. This makes sense conceptually…the real test will be when I take off the switch plate and try this in earnest.

Is the exact same configuration used in a 4-way switch? Do I just need to make sure I put the Microswitch in the box with the line wire and by connecting the appropriate black traveler line to the Microswitch wall switch terminal, the 4-way switch will be none the wiser and all will function normally?

Thanks again.

Pretty much. See the attached 4-way diagram. I really need to draw some proper ones, these are conceptually accurate, they could be a lot better.