Xiaomi Xiaoyi IP camera

Hi. Xiaomi is a chinese manufacturer of cellphones, cameras and other electronic devices. Quality is very high for its price. I am presently setting up a Xiaoyi IP camera that is 720P selling for under US$35.00. Has anyone been able to add one of these cameras to a Veralight controller?
I will be very grateful if someone can guide me through the steps.
Regards, Joaquin

Hi everybody. I’m interesting too. I think it’s good camera. rts connection is working and Android Xiaomi app too, but I don’t know how pair in Vera system. Please, If somebody knows…

Thanks in advance

I’ve just ordered this camera and I would like to connect it to VeraEdge. If anyone got suggestion, please post.

any plugin? question for developers

I’ve had one of these cameras for a few months – got it just before my Vera Plus. They’re great – and cheap – little cameras, but they don’t seem to work with Vera. They aren’t “IP Cameras” in the traditional sense. There’s no web interface, nor published IP address, nor “snapshot URL” that you could use to let Vera know it exists.

I also picked up an Amcrest IP camera – looks just like a Foscam – and I could add it to Vera, but it almost immediately turned into “Cannot detect device” and is useless in Vera (works great with their own software, though).

I’d kind of expect the same of the Yi, unfortunately.

is it possible to add rtsp into vera?
yi custom firmware make it possible to implement rtsp… so now i need to implement it

There are also other ip cameras that don’t have a snapshot URL. Workaround for using rtsp instead would be super!