Xiaomi aqara

Are Xiaomi aqara sensors supported with Vera Plus?

Hi there,

My VeraPlus arrived today. I was very excited to put it live. To be honest I had some trouble on first setup, because the device was stopped at “Updating software message” and kept rebooting over and over. If I had not been a technical guy, than I would be abandoned the hole process.
I done a hard reset following on this tutorial http://www.vesternet.com/resources/application-notes/apnt-121

Ok, finally I’m online :).

Unfortunately my aqara xiaomi sensors are not compatible with VeraPlus. I have tried to pair them as Generic zigBee devices, but no luck.

I have this sensors:
[url=https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Xiaomi-Aqara-Water-Leak-Sensor-Smart-Leaking-Alarm-Immersion-Monitoring-IP67-Waterproof-ZigBee-Wireless-Connection/32827315397.html]404 page

Does anyone tried these sensors?

Thank you

From previous post,

Even I am a technical guy, I have abandoned and returned the product. Is lacking in quality or I had a bad lack?

After I have switched off and on, the VeraPlus was rebooting continuously and never came back online.

I have wrote to support, but no answer.

Although I decided to give it another chance and requested to the supplier to replace my product.
Let’s ee what I’ll get and when.
I hope my experience would be useful to anybody else.