XBMC, Vera & UPnP

I have a question about using vera to respond to UPnP messages. I use XBMChttp://xbmc.org for video playback. I recently upgraded to the latest version and it now has the option to control XBMC via UPnP. While this is something new and neat, what I really find interesting is that when I fire up a UPnP Control point I get notifications of what is going on with XBMC.

It would be great to be able to respond to those events with vera. So for instance when I start playing a video vera would automatically run a movie scene, then return things to normal when it stopped. Is it possible to do this, and if so where would I start?

I don’t have any other uPnP devices around to test with, but my understand is that one could write a plugin to do just that.

I merely want to use the Vera as a control point for XBMC. Anyone written any lua for that?