XBMC OpenElec / Logitech Harmony / Micasaverde integration

Turn your bog standard universal IR remote control in to a Z-wave / Home Automation controller via your OpenElec XBMC Home Theatre PC!

Basically the idea is this - Program your Logitech Harmony to send keyboard shortcuts to your HTPC via IR or with the RF extender. Your HTPC in response then runs a script to send a http request to your home automation system to do something, like turn on some lights or control a device in your home. And whilst using your HTPC you can turn your bog standard IR universal remote control handset in to a Z-wave / Home Automation remote control handset !

Full details on these links:

The Media Center Blog
The Digital Lifestyle

I need help please on this thread Linux people!


I’ve updated Part 1 and made it a bit simpler.

Part 2 is here, I’ve added feedback notification pop-ups in to the XBMC UI.