XBMC (Kodi) Vera Z-Wave Addon


Just a quick post to let anyone who is interested know that I have created an Addon for XBMC (Kodi) that can control Vera scenes. I hope you can put it to good use :slight_smile:



Tried this last night setup was easy and works great. Impressed on how quick it works, no lag time at all.

Good job thanks

I am running Kodi on my Qnap NAS. When I try to install the plugin, the plugin is not recognized (not found in the downloaded folder) so I can not install it.
Is it possible to use the the addon to Vera Edge?

Thank you, i use Kodi extensively, currently I am using a very early version of XBMC plugin, its bare bones and use it to turn on and off the lights when Kodi plays/pauses/pauses movies.
But i would like to go ahead and try what your version offers. The tutorial looks very nice. gonna try this when i get back home.

Just read through the tutorial for this add-on and it looks good, but for 1 thing.

I’d like to have simple keyboard shortcuts (that can be mapped to a Harmony remote) that will trigger specific scenes, not just bring up the scene selection menu. Is that possible?

For example, press key CTRL + Q to execute scene 1.

With this the keyboard and remote can trigger a scene without needing to see any menus on screen and scenes can still be triggered if you have the PC with Kodi running but are watching a different input. I have 6 or 7 scenes I’d love to be able to trigger like this with a Harmony Ultimate on the color buttons.

Sadly I tried this and it didnt work. I am using iu5 so I dont know if that matters. I first tried it streaming videos but then tried it with a single file on my network. I Also hit disable and then enable. I dont know if im wrong but dont you need a name and password to get into the vera hub and access commands and actions??

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