Xandem Home + Vera = ???

There seems to be a dozen new crowd sourced products a week targeting HA or security, but this one on Indiegogo caught my eye:

Called Xandem, it’s RF based and, according to their blurb on Idiegogo:

“XANDEM HOME provides information about when and where people move across entire floor plans. This allows you to monitor and automate your home in ways that aren’t possible with cameras or traditional motion detectors.”

The interesting part is that they claim to provide some REST APIs for integration. I’m not sure I feel like shelling out over 400 bucks for this thing sight unseen, but I’ll have to mull over what this could do when added to my Vera. Occupancy sensing is an obvious one, but maybe there’s some other cool tricks we could come up with. Interesting times.

Definitely tempting… especially considering I was planning on ordering several motions (@ about $50 ea) for HA purposes

Reviving this very old thread. I got this from indiegogo a few months ago after a year of waiting. It is disturbingly good and only decided to try to integrate it last night. Finally got it to communicate both ways with the Vera using the local rest API but my skill set stopped me short of a plugin. It is all scene and event based. No polling from the Vera. If only someone would right a plugin for it…

Can it output what room someone is in or is it just that someone is in the total area.
Ideally it could turn individual room lights on and off.

Yes it can. It has a full API you can poll and get a json file with the intensity of the signal for each sensor or room. There is even a bridge on github where you can setup the room and poll from instead of polling the API itself. A plugin could bridge all the sensors as individual devices.