x10 support

I am considering buying a danfoss heating system and I’d like
to know if I understood correctly that the Vera unit would
make it unnecessary to also buy the danfoss living connect
unit. I also wonder what is meant by X10 support. Does
it mean that Vera allows bypassing the cm11 unit or that
it provides an interface to it? I.e., does the vera unit send
x10 commands directly or does it act as a proxy? X10 sockets
still have usefulness for things that need pluging into the mains
since there is then no need for batteries or problems with wireless

Thanks in advance for any help.


The Smarthome 2413U PowerLinc Modem INSTEON Dual-Band USB Interface will work with Vera natively. Just plug it in to the USB port.


However, it has very limited functionality. It is ‘send only’ with no X10 line monitoring (receive) so no knowledge of device status other than commands it initiates. Also, no X10 RF support for remotes or sensors. X10 powerline send only. But it works.

For more advanced X10 send/receive with full RF (including security sensors) support, check out radarengineer’s most excellent plugin here:


It requires another PC (or pogoplug device) running another program and an X10 controller (CM19A/CM15A).

I personally am trying to move to an all-z-wave system, but I still use a few X10 modules with the mochad plugin.

Thanks for the reply. The thing is that I have a CM15 but would like to
have a better way to program it. I though it could act as a slave to vera
which is programmable via web interface if I understand. But then
the mochad plugin you refer to is probably the solution for me, being
linux oriented.