X10 Europe with Vera?

Is there any option to get X10 Europe working with Vera? As you know Insteon never launched on 220V markets, so I can’t use the Insteon/X10 controller often discussed in these forums.

I’ve got a CM11 with a prolific Serial-USB adapter, do I stand a chance? ::slight_smile:


I’m in a similar boat, being in Australia.

There seems to be some information around about controlling the simple X10 interfaces via direct serial commands. I’m yet to investigate it fully but I saw some linux examples where they echoed a very simple string including the X10 device address to the unit.

I’m in the middle of a couple of plugins, but after that I may take a look.


I just noticed indeed you guys had similar voltage (actually I just understood why most equipement is rated up to 240V, while European standard is only 220/230…).

I’m not technical enough to help you on this… but I’m sure there’ll be lots of people interested. The few X10 afficionados in Europe often have the CM11 controller.


Why would you want to go with X10? Z-Wave is a more robust protocol, fairly large number of devices available in Europe and works great with Vera. Of course, you can always wait till the X10 stuff (on Vera) gets ironed out as well… just a thought…

Who said I was going for x10? 8)
i just have many legacy devices that i can’t replace at once!